Between a shower curtain, gel packs, and her dry cleaner’s sewing skills, Melissa created the prototype for her multi-million dollar idea for PackIt’s Personal Cooler.

In 2009, Melissa Kieling’s multi-million dollar idea for PackIt’s Personal Cooler was born. One day while packing her children’s lunches, feeling frustrated that she could not keep the fresh food from spoiling, she wondered why no one had ever thought of putting freezable gel inside the walls of lunch bags. Between a shower curtain, gel packs, and her dry cleaner’s sewing skills, Melissa created the prototype, and amazingly enough, it worked. She quickly patented the concept and launched PackIt.

PackIt has extended from Personal Coolers to freezable bags for wine, picnics, groceries, baby bottles, and more. With over 5,000 domestic retail locations and distribution globally in more than 40 countries, PackIt is becoming a household name, meeting a growing consumer demand for healthy living.

Today PackIt offers countless options to keep food and drinks healthy and fresh. A few of these great options include, PackIt’s Freezable Kids Lunch Backpack and PackIt’s Freezable Wine Bag.  PackIt is the number one choice when it comes to taking food and drink on the go, no matter what adventure is planned for the day.

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Brand Personality:

When it comes to PackIt, the innovation, care, and quality of their products are undeniably held up to a mother’s standard. PackIt continues to adapt to different struggles that families have when taking food and drinks on the go. All their products come in a variety of patterns and colors to fit each personality. They have everything from bright and colorful to plain and functional.

All their products are priced with the family in mind and very affordable. They pride themselves on creating high-quality products with reusable solutions that reflect their mission to do more with less and lessen their environmental impact through thoughtful design.


PackIt continues to focus on the family, young and old, creating solutions to fit each daily lifestyle. They began by providing a better solution for school lunches, catering to parents with young children with easy to carry options in bright patterns and colors. They continued to add new products that reach an older demographic, including solid colors seen in their Commuter Lunch Box, mainly used for lunch and snacks at work or on the go adventures.

Revenue & Growth:

In 2019, PackIt employed 39 people and had a revenue of $68.4 Million.

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