They are now expanding from athletic teams to help everyone on earth move better and live better. Their new focus is to create healthier humans.


Hyperice was first launched in 2010 and was first known for its ice-compression wraps. Hyperice packs were unlike any other ice pack on the market, because they removed excess air to conform to the body and stay in place.

The first adopters of Hyperice technology were professional athletes. Blake Griffin, LeBron James, and Kobe Bryant were some of the first athletes to use and product-test Hyperice Technology. Today, Hyperice devices are used by every team in the NFL, NBA, and MLB.

Hyperice is the leader in recovery and performance technology brands and innovators of percussion, thermal, vibration, and dynamic air compression devices. Hyperice connects the innovation of technology to the art of movement.

Hyperice was the first to launch a high intensity vibrating roller and has since extended into massage balls and various other massage tools. The 2018 launch of the Hypervolt, a hand-held vibrating massage device for on-the-go recovery, was just the beginning.

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Brand Personality:

Hyperice is a well-known brand in the professional sports world, with many professional athletes adopting this new technology for sports injuries and game recovery. Having been used and endorsed by many athletes, Hyperice will forever be known as the top athlete’s choice for a better and healthier body. The brand was built through authentic relationships with the world’s best athletes, aerospace engineering, and science.



In the beginning, Hyperice focused on the top athletic teams in the NFL, NBA, and MLB. Today, their focus is not only on the world’s best athletes; Hyperice is expanding from a focus on athletic teams to help everyone on earth move and live better. Their new focus is to create healthier humans.


Revenue & Growth:

Jim Huether, Hyperice CEO, stated the company generated $100 million in revenue in 2019 and is projecting “well over $200 million this year.” The company wants to gain more market share in a sports technology marketplace projected to be worth $30 billion by 2024.

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