Today, Fujifilm continues to believe in “Open Innovation.” According to Naoto Yanagihara, “Open innovation is about listening to the customer and innovating together.”


Founded in 1934, Fujifilm began as a photographic film manufacturer in Tokyo, Japan. They quickly dominated the market in Japan, enjoying a longtime near-monopoly on camera film. Their products extend from photography and printing to medicine and life science.  


A motto they use in their innovation process is, “Never stop transforming ourselves and the world,” which means they never stop building on their experience and expertise. You will see them changing the world through medicine, science, technology, and cinematography. Their products’ innovation and design have received multiple awards in both areas, influencing their customers to continue looking forward to the future.


Until 1984, Kodak had dominated the US market, much like Fujifilm had in Japan. Fujifilm struggled to gain market share in the US until Kodak turned down the opportunity to became one of the title sponsors of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. Fujifilm offered cheaper camera film, and established a factory in the US, gaining a considerable market share.


In 1986 they invented the world’s first one-time-use recyclable camera, the QuickSnap. They continued to study the consumer demand and moved quickly into the digital world, creating their first digital still camera only two years later, in 1988.


Today, Fujifilm’s commercial innovations can be seen in workplaces, doctor’s offices, and hospitals. For consumers, Fuji creates products ranging from high-end digital cameras to their popular Instax Cameras, as well as Instant printers.

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Today, Fujifilm continues to believe in “Open Innovation.” What is Open Innovation? According to Naoto Yanagihara, the corporate vice president, “Open innovation is about listening to the customer and innovating together.”

Fujifilm finds the demand and needs of their consumer and creates products based on where the future will take them next. Their consumer products range from affordable instant cameras to higher price-point products made for professional photographers.



Fujifilm’s speaks to a wide range of ages when it comes to their consumer products. Young teens and adults alike enjoy their line of Instax products bringing instant photography with instant printing to a digitally-stored world. Older consumers and professionals look to Fujifilm’s X-series of high-end and professional quality digital cameras, which have a solid reputation for quality and aesthetics.



According to 2019 figures, FUJIFILM earned $21.8 Billion and in 2020 has employed over 73,900 people worldwide, which is a 2.18% increase from 2019.

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