Bose Corporation is an American electronics company specializing in audio products for personal use and in car audio speakers.

It was founded in 1964 by Amar Bose in Massachusetts and is known today for producing home audio system, noise-canceling headphones, professional audio products, and car systems.

Because the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) owns a majority stake in Bose, the company is known for flawless engineering, industry-leading technology, and a less trendy—but more classic—design aesthetic and product life cycle.

Today, Bose manufactures in the United States, Mexico, China, and Malaysia.

Imprintable Product Examples

Brand Personality:

Bose has a reputation for quality construction and rich sound. They made $300 headphones a staple of first-class airline flights long before Beats began appearing on celebrities. Today, Bose products have gotten smaller and more accessible as they’ve entered the in-ear bud market. But their reputation for precision engineering and lasting quality that endures beyond trends remains as strong as ever.

According to a 2005 Forrester Research report, the Bose brand name was among several computer and consumer electronics brands most trusted by US consumers.


Because Bose is known for quality and research-driven engineering, their products naturally appeal to an older demographic that favors classics over trends. Their wearable items are less flashy and more neutrally colored than many competitors. The price point, design, and reputation make Bose items an ideal fit for users thirty and above.


Bose earbuds and over-ear headphones, as well as their wireless speakers, all feature clear imprint areas at various sizes. Because their products classics that endure for years, subtle imprinting will reap great long-term rewards.


According to 2019 figures, Bose earned $4 Billion dollars and employed over 9,000 people worldwide.


Bose products are sold in most high-end electronics retailers, their own shops, and online. Specialized sourcing is preferred for promotions and incentives. Buying from a specialized source allows for volume discounts as well as imprinting that preserves the Bose warranty.

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