Apple Inc. is one of the modern day’s greatest comeback stories—and one of the world’s largest corporations.

Apple Inc. is one of the modern day’s greatest comeback stories—and one of the world’s largest corporations. Founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, the company’s first product was a personal computer called the Apple 1. While the company enjoyed rapid early growth and success with its Macintosh computer family, Apple fell into decline in the early nineties. They experimented with tablet products that foundered before rocketing to the forefront of pop culture and global recognition with their development of the iMac—and later the iPod.

In 2007, Apple metamorphized once again when they announced the development of the first iPhone. The company’s new product not only reimagined what a phone could do; it has arguably changed how we work, play, and interact with one another.

Today there are billions of iPhones in existence, and Apple has continued to dominate the consumer electronics industry with continual innovations. Siri—the first mainstream voice-activated assistant—and new generations of iPhones, Apple Watches, and Airpods have become staples of modern life around the globe.

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In a word, Apple is known for being sleek.

Their innovation favors simplicity and quality over hitting lower price points or offering broad backward compatibility. Partial adoption of the Apple ecosystem is possible but often leads to complete immersion into using Apple tech for not just music, but mobile computing, desktop computing, and even Smart Home tech.

Apple devices typically cost more than their Microsoft or Android counterparts but are also considered to be longer-lasting and of higher quality.

Their retail chains are heavily staffed with friendly, personable team members, and each shop includes a support desk called a “Genius Bar” where users can sign up for tutorials and technical assistance.

Apple has combined high price-point products, sleek design, industry-leading innovation, and accessible, friendly service to become a global giant.


In their early days, Apple’s computing products were primarily adopted with those in creative fields or education. Today, though, their products are used by people of all ages and industries.

Because of the higher price points and beautiful designs, Apple’s devices are aspirational products for younger demographics.


The Apple Airpods are particularly suited to customization because of their smooth, white case surface. They are also an excellent fit for most incentive campaigns because of their more accessible price point.


Apple is one of the world’s largest tech corporations, with annual revenues exceeding $233 Billion in 2016.

While Apple sells its products in most major retailers and their retail shops, specialized sourcing is ideal for promotions and incentives. Buying from a specialized source allows for volume discounts as well as imprinting that preserves the Apple warranty.

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