Amazon is known for being an industry disruptor—first with how books were sold and then with industry after industry. In 2015, Amazon passed Walmart up in value.

Jeff Bezos—now a household name—was unheard of when he founded in 1994. His company began as an online marketplace for books but quickly expanded to sell electronics, software, video games, clothing, food, toys, and more. Today, Amazon is not just a powerhouse of online retail; they bring many of their own products to market. Much like an iceberg, all this retail activity is only the visible part of Amazon’s revenue network. A considerable portion of their earnings come from their cloud data branch called Amazon Web Services.

Amazon is known for being an industry disruptor—first with how books were sold and then with industry after industry. In 2015, Amazon passed Walmart up in value. Today, Amazon is not just an online retailer, but an entertainment company, publishing company, electronics innovator, and the backbone digital backbone for much of the online services we use every day.

Amazon’s most popular products among consumers are its line of smart speakers, the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot. Also popular are the visual cousins to this line—like the Amazon Show. These include a screen for streaming video and placing video calls.

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Brand Personality:

Amazon is almost synonymous with speed. Households worldwide have come to rely on their speedy delivery, while companies around the globe rely on their scalable cloud computing platform to power their business. They are known as innovative, competitive, and not afraid to change “the way things are done” in any industry. Their line of smart speakers are the subject of many pop culture references and have become a ubiquitous feature of homes and offices everywhere.

Amazon’s brand is not known for being particularly personal, warm, or humorous. However, their offerings are widely considered to be reliable, consistent, and of good quality. Their customer service can be somewhat impersonal, but with ample documentation and simple return and exchange processes, customers generally get a resolution to their concerns.


Because Amazon is a relatively young company with a unique business model for each industry they enter, they attract a younger demographic that is high-tech and values both speed and convenience more highly than the interpersonal experience of shopping in a brick-and-mortar store. Their content division is also robust and produces new shows, movies, books, and audio plays every month. This constant stream of new material attracts the even younger demographic groups— like children and teens—to their service and their convenient streaming devices.

Revenue & Growth:

In 2018, Amazon’s US retail division earned a little over $232 Billion—a 30% increase over the previous year.

Amazon products are sold in major retailers and on their website. However, specialty sourcing is recommended for giving programs because they enable the gift-giver to take advantage of custom imprinting and also benefit from volume discounts.

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