Altec Lansing

Although it doesn’t enjoy the name recognition of brands like Apple or Sony, Altec Lansing has been around longer.

Founded in 1917, its primary product offering is speakers for home, professional, and audio use. The engineers that formed Altec Lansing came from Western Electric where they had developed the technology for the first motion picture with a synchronized soundtrack.

Originally called the Altec Services Company, the name was updated with the acquisition of the Lansing Manufacturing Company in 1941.

For decades, Altec Lansing was the sound system of choice for live entertainment, including when the Beatle’s played at Woodstock. Professional recording studios were also predominately outfitted with their microphones and speaker equipment.

In 1994, Altec Lansing even worked with engineers and IBM and Apple to develop the first generation of computer speakers.

In 1996, the company established a research and development center in Israel. Since then, the company has released a variety of USB audio products, surround sound systems. Today, Altec Lansing is known primarily for its line of wireless, portable speakers.

Today, the company has widened their offerings to include gaming headsets, keyboard, mice and more.

Imprintable Product Examples

Brand Personality & Demographics:

For generations, the company focused on professional-level audio equipment. In recent years, their focus to serve a new generation of audiophile—the consumer.

Though the brand is over ninety years old, their introduction to big box retail is relatively new. For that reason, Altec Lansing appeals to young and old users alike. Very young users consider their products trendy, good quality and affordable while older users may still associate the brand with high-end studio equipment.


Many Altec Lansing products have generous and smooth imprint areas. Their colorful designs also lend themselves well to splashy imprints.


Altec Lansing products are sold nationally in major retailers and online, but specialized sourcing is preferred for promotions and incentives. Buying from a specialized source allows for volume discounts, additional color options, as well as imprinting that preserves the Aletc Lansing warranty.

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