Four Reasons Apple AirPods Make the Perfect Gift And 6 Great Ways to Leverage Them for Your Campaign

Electronic wearables, like smart watches and wireless headphones, are some of the coolest new items on the market and they are showing no signs of slowing down in popularity.

From a branding standpoint, giving AirPods as a gift is a perfect opportunity. Not only can you have your logo on the hippest electronics, but people actually want to wear them around and show them off. We call that a win-win.

1. Wireless is Better

Most of us have been there: You’re boarding a train or a plane, or walking into work or school, and your headphone cord gets caught on something. Maybe it’s the door handle, maybe it’s someone else’s backpack, either way, your headphones go flying.

Wireless AirPods eliminate this problem. No more cords, no more snags.

2. Popular Design

Apple is synonymous with modern, sleek design, and the AirPods are no exception. What brand wouldn’t want to associate with that?

AirPods follow the classic earbud design of actually being an in-ear device, and not a bulky, awkward, over/around/above/below the ear audio device like some other brands.

The clean, white and silver design is instantly recognizable. The wireless in-ear design makes them perfect for listening at work or on the go, and they won’t dishevel your hair like wearing bulky over-ear headphones might.

3. Sound and Functionality

Everyone knows the AirPods look cool, but they also sound amazing and offer a slew of functional capabilities including:

  • AirPods will sense when they are in your ear, and pause music when you take them out
  • Use voice activated “hey Siri” commands to adjust volume, play/pause/skip tracks, and make calls
  • Assign double-tap touch control to each earbud to play/pause,  next/previous track, or activate Siri

AirPods also utilize the case you carry them in as a charger. On a full charge, AirPods can last up to 5 hours, but the charging case provides multiple charges for over 24 hours of listening time.

4. Compatibility

AirPods are the perfect match for those who love the Apple eco system and can’t live without their iPhone, or Mac, but they are also compatible with android devices.

I’ll say that again. AirPods are compatible with Apple AND Android phones, meaning anyone can use them!

This is just another reason why Apple AirPods make the perfect gift – it doesn’t matter what type of phone the recipient has, the AirPods will still sound great. 

6 Ways to Use Airpods as Rewards or Incentives

As one of the newest tech accessories that everyone wants, Airpods can be a very desirable reward or incentive when used as a marketing tool. For example:

  • An Internet provider includes a pair of branded Airpods as a signup bonus for new customers. When someone asks where they got them, the customer will share the details of their great deal.
  • A streaming startup brands a dozen sets of Airpods and gives them to influencers to use as giveaways when they do sponsored posts.
  • A fitness center provides a pair of branded Airpods as a reward for enrolling in a full year membership and paying upfront.

For employees, a company can use Airpods as performance rewards and thank you gifts. Not only can this make employees feel appreciated, but it will spread brand awareness and let people know you’re a fun employer.

  • Offer a branded Airpods to the team with the highest sales numbers or best customer satisfaction ratings.
  • Reward employees for an accident-free year with a pair of branded Airpods.
  • Offer Airpods long-service gift or completion of another milestone.