The Power of Brands

Our mission is to elevate your gift program through our brand expertise, one-on-one service, and library of brand information. Anyone that wants to give smarter can benefit from our expertise and library.

We break brands down into the details that matter to your profession. What’s the brand’s personality? How it is perceived? What type of person is their key demographic? What would leveraging that brand offer your campaign?

Our goal is to:

  1. Create a thorough library of brands to allow quick reference of pertinent information.
  2. Vet brands and present only those that will augment your campaign. We look for companies with solid reputations for honoring warranties, offering timely customer service, and offering products that meet all US standards for safety and environmental compliance.
  3. Connect our readers with suppliers that know the brand and also understand the unique needs of the promotions and incentives industries.

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