Americans will spend $422 billion dollars on consumer electronics in 2020.*

*Statista projection figure, Feburary 2020.

The Power of Brands

There are roughly 200 brands in consumer electronics—including four of the world’s biggest companies. Can you name six others?

The biggest names may have the most recognition, but smaller brands can often deliver the best value for your campaign—with equal or superior quality.

With so much selection, a resource for quickly getting the feel of a brand and the nuances of their offerings is imperative. Which product will inspire your recipient? Which will fall flat?

Brands Spend Billions

To tell the world about their products. Working with brands is your chance to give your audience what they already aspire to own. Now that’s a powerful marketing  win.

Annual Marketing & Ad Budgets

Apple: 1.8 Billion

Amazon: 11 Billion

Google: 18.46 Billion

Samsung: 2.15 Billion


Million Google Home Devices


Billion iPhones and Counting


Million AirPods Sold


Million Alexa Devices

*As of January, 2020.

Brands power our global economy. They are also effective tools for elevating customer experiences and enhancing incentive and recognition programs.

Learn to Level Up Your Business with Brands

As a promotional products reseller, you may be uncertain about working with brands. The margins seem small and the supplier options are confusing. In reality, there’s more money to be made in brands—and demand for brand name goods is higher than ever.


Educate Yourself About the Top Brand Offerings

As consumers, we’re spoiled for choice. As a reseller, that choice can be daunting. That’s why a library of Brands is an essential tool for today’s promotional and rewards reseller. Learn what hot, what’s new, and who wants it with our library of brand data.


Get the Inside Track on Sourcing

After you learn which brands align best with your customer  and which offer the most compelling products, we can help connect you with a supplier that can quote your campaign and explain your options for imprinting and fulfillment.


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